DAZ is a partnership that started in 2005 by Dalal Madoh and Zainab Al Abdulrazzaq and is today one of the most successful businesses that cater to the fashion and accessories market in Bahrain and the Middle East. DAZ in 2005 was granted the Official Formula License to sell merchandise in the Gulf Air Bahrain Formula Grand Prix for a period of 3 years. This was the first time in its history that the FIA has granted university students this license. The name recognition that the two partners have been able to build over the past few years is based on strong fundamentals, integrity and hard work.

The idea started in 2003, when both partners were still students in Bahrain University. They came up with the idea of selling and marketing fashion items and accessories in Bahrain. It all started with exhibitions for clothes, bags and accessories from different Lebanese designers and young Kuwaiti artists. After successfully launching and overseeing more than 10 exhibitions in Bahrain and Kuwait, both partners decided to set up a stand in one of the major malls in Bahrain.

DAZ are the exclusive distributors for Ziad Abbas a Labanese designer who works very closely with international designers such as Ellie Saab, Zuhair Murad and Basile Saude; in addition he designs accessories for superstars such as Haifa Wahbi and Elisa. He is the man that is acclaimed for starting the ongoing fad of putting ones name on earrings.

DAZ are also the distributors and agents for JAKE and JIJI accessories designed by Michelle, a Canadian designer that accessorizes mobile phones and gadgets in a unique manner.

In this website you will be able to view a wide array and full range of Ziad Abbas accessories and JAKE and JIJI fashion designs. In addition you may request any design you want.

Overall, the success both partners have had to date is built on hard work and dedication. They have been successful in building a business out of scratch with acute business acumen and strong business foundations. They have become role models for a lot of young women in Bahrain and the Middle East to start small businesses and a symbol of women's struggle to be successful and independent in today's society.